How To Save Money On Dining Out

Research Average Price and Do Some Math

Many people simply don't dine out because of the fact that they think that it is not budget-friendly. However, there are a few ways that you can dine out and still save money. We have research the average price of a restaurant and do a little bit of math you might be able to save some money when it comes to dining out. For example, when you visit a restaurant don't necessarily go for soft drinks. Soft drinks are highly marked up on dining menus. You can get a glass of tap water for free. That means you save on average around 3 or $5 on a meal. Another great tip on doing some math, is to visit the restaurant during happy hour. Happy hour is a great time to get a discount drink and a discount appetizer. You can often visit a brewery and get a $5 beer and a $5 nachos. That's 10 bucks and you've saved on average at least $7 to $12 Off the regular menu price.


Clip A Few Coupons

many fast food restaurants and  restaurant chains offer coupons on some of their menu items. You might get these coupons in a circular or in the Sunday newspaper. however those aren't the coupons that are actually going to save you the most money every time you visit your favorite restaurant. Nowadays you can get vouchers and coupon codes from websites like Groupon for free. Without even purchasing a Sunday paper. Because of the fact that many people don't get the newspaper delivered to their house anymore they quit getting coupons delivered to the door. That's okay! You can simply check online for coupons to restaurants. For example, restaurants that might not be in your budget like Five Guys   often publish coupons on Groupon. Restaurants like Five Guys often give you awesome coupon option when you download them for free on


Think Economical Dining

When it comes to dining out you should definitely think outside the box. If you're going to lunch with a friend, split something! many restaurants in the United States give you portions that are absolutely ridiculous. There's no humanly way possible you can finish all of your meal all of the time, so you should split something with a friend. For instance get two small burgers at Five Guys and split the fries. You can also ‘get it to go’ at more formal dining places for less. Any restaurants offer to go menu that gives you lower prices. My friend wants told me about this great Italian restaurant that had meatballs and spaghetti. If you ordered the meatballs on the menu they were $20. If you got them to go they were $10. That's half the price. You can get a full order of meatballs from this place and breadsticks for less than the price of a meal in the restaurant. Next time you went to die now and save, don't forget the information above and check out Groupon for all of the promo codes you can use for your favorite restaurants.